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The West Virginia Amusement & Limited Video Lottery Association was originally incorporated in 1954 as the West Virginia Music & Vending Association. The name changed after the West Virginia Legislature passed the “Limited Video Lottery Act” in 2001. The association was formed to foster and promote good will, harmonious action, mutual respect and fair dealing among the retailers, operators and others interested or associated with limited video lottery.

The “Limited Video Lottery Act,” allows for a limited number of video lottery machines in adult environments. The measure outlawed pre-existing “gray” or “poker” machines and restricted the number of limited video lottery terminals to no more than 9,000. The machines may only reside in adult-only environments, classified by the possession of a Class A, Alcohol and Beverage Commission (ABCA) license and meeting other legal requirements.

The Association’s mission is to create a diverse association that provides for the vitality of West Virginia’s future through responsible amusement and entertainment. This is achieved by establishing rules consistent with the laws of West Virginia and the United States, exchanging beneficial information with the people engaged in the industry, securing the cooperation and assistance of the media to show the industry in its proper light to the general public, and to do whatever possible to improve the industry.