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When did the Association begin?
The West Virginia Music & Vending Association was originally incorporated in 1954. In 2002, it became the West Virginia Amusement & Limited Video Lottery Association.

Who plays the West Virginia Limited Video Lottery?
Findings from Marshall University Center for Business and Economic Research show that players are adults of various ages and income levels. Limited video lottery players are just like you, your friends and your neighbors..

How many Association members are there?
Currently, there are 17 operator members and over 100 retail members. The West Virginia Amusement & Limited Video Lottery Association is the largest association of its kind in West Virginia, with plenty of room to grow!

What games are included in the limited video lottery?
Video lottery games are available at licensed locations across the state. Jukeboxes, pinball machines, darts and pool tables are also games offered at establishments operated by members of the Association and offered at various establishments throughout the state.

How can I join?
You can send an e-mail to Executive Director, Michael Haid or call 304.951.9297 to request an application.

How long does a membership last?
Memberships last one year, from November 1 to October 31. They are renewable each year.

How much does it cost per year?
Retailers who do not own their machines pay annual dues of $100. Licensed operators or retailers who own their machines pay a base charge of $1,500 plus $1 a month for each terminal permit they hold, with a cap of $8,000 a year. Associate members pay $250 per year.

Where do proceeds from dues go?
Dues pay for member benefits, including the annual expo, advertising campaigns and lobbying efforts to promote the interests of the Association and its members.

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