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Profits from video lottery gaming fund West Virginia programs for senior citizens, education and tourism. In 2001, House Bill 102 capped the lottery’s four percent administrative allowance under the Racetrack Video Lottery Act at the fiscal year 2001 level. Today, excess funds are deposited into the State’s Excess Lottery Revenue Fund, used to provide West Virginia students with college scholarships and to back bonds for economic development endeavors. West Virginia cities and counties also receive two percent of the State’s revenues produced by the limited video lottery machines located within their geographic boundaries.

Together with West Virginia University's School of Rehabilitation Counseling, the Association recognizes and presents educational programming each August during National Responsible Gaming Week. The WVA&LVLA also partners with the Problem Gamblers Help Network of West Virginia during Problem Gamblers Awareness Week to donate problem gambling resource materials to local libraries. In addition, the Problem Gamblers Help Network of WV receives $1million annually from LVL proceeds as allocated by the LVL Act of 2001.

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